The Real Reasons for Plastic Surgery

For a long time, I thought that all plastic surgeries were performed solely due to vanity. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having some work done if you just want to change up how you look! But it’s definitely not the case that every plastic surgery is done to keep up appearances. There are a lot of medical reasons that plastic surgeons perform work on their patients. Here are a few of the reasons plastic surgery can be performed.

  • Jaw reconstruction

Braces and headgear can’t solve every dental problem. Sometimes, someone’s jaw does not develop correctly and needs surgery to function properly. Upper and lower jaw reconstruction is often performed by a plastic surgeon and involves sawing the jawbone open and sanding it down/adding material in the make the jaw bigger. This sounds like it can be an awful recovery, but modern technology has made it so the patient is back at home on a liquid diet in just a couple of days, and eating soft foods in ten days! Without this plastic surgery, people can experience breathing and chewing issues as well as lockjaw.

  • Breast reduction/reconstruction

For people who have extremely large chests in proportion to their bodies, their day to day lives are often filled with pain. Back issues abound with these patients and reducing the size of their breasts can not only reduce these issues but also help with their posture! Breast cancer survivors can have implants put in, or have their nipples reconstructed through a plastic surgeon. Doing so can restore confidence to these brave survivors and add a sense of normalcy to their lives.

  • Burn recovery

I didn’t know that plastic surgeons handled a lot of skin grafts to survivors of burn injuries. They take skin from a healthy part of the victim’s body and graft it to the area that’s severely burned. This allows new and healthy skin to form.

  • Pediatric surgery

Children born with severe defects often go to a plastic surgeon’s office for corrective surgery. These include fixing webbed toes and cleft palates. Cleft palates often require many surgical operations to fix the problem, and these surgeries are spaced out over the child’s adolescence to account for growth and the shape of the mouth changes

  • Botched surgery

If surgery goes terribly wrong, it can leave the patient disfigured. These disfigurements often require extensive operations by plastic surgeons to correct the problem. Operations like this can quickly become pricy. When this happens, the victim should first seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in fighting back against botched surgeries. Chapman Injury Lawyers help the victim of a botched surgery get the settlement they deserve to help pay for the medical bills. With a proper settlement, a patient can get the proper corrective surgery they need to feel like themselves again. Whether it’s scar tissue removal or reconstructing an improperly performed operation, a plastic surgeon can undo the mistakes that another doctor has made.

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