How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents on Construction Sites

Employers have several responsibilities to the people in their workforce. One of the most crucial issues in this list is ensuring the safety of their employees. It’s extremely important that employers prioritize the creation of a safe working environment, especially for those in high-risk manual labor industries. Construction work is considered particularly dangerous due to its high fatal injury rate. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OHSA, construction workers greater risk to accidents compared to any other person working in other professions.

Slip and fall accidents happen frequently in construction sites across the United States. According to the lawyers at Hach and Rose, slipping and falling are among the most frequent hazards face by workers every day. All too often, these workers fall victim and end up getting gravely injured due to the lack of safety regulations and safety structures imposed by employers. Hazards like slippery and uneven surfaces, and debris along a walk way might seem innocuous issues at first, but they can result in life-altering consequences. The dangers of slip and fall accidents don’t stop at broken bones and sprains. Some accidents can also lead to serious medical conditions such as spinal injuries and brain trauma. These conditions can then cause life-long pain and disability for victims.

Thankfully, employers can do a lot to prevent accidents and their negative outcomes from occurring. One way employers can create a safe working environment in construction site is by imposing stricter safety regulations and making sure these policies are adhered to by all employees across the board. It’s also important that the equipment and structures in a given construction site is properly inspected and maintained. Lastly, it could be helpful for employers to consider pre-employment screening. This way, they can make sure that all their workers can meet the physical requirements demanded by such a job.