Common Playground Injuries

The playground is a place of recreation, but sometimes, it may also be a place for accidents and injuries, especially because of the physical demands of playground equipment and how children can be very careless, energetic, and fragile.

Playground accidents may be subject to legal action, particularly those that involve defective equipment, unsafe materials, and unsecured spots.

But many playground injuries are not because of defects in the premises, but because of carelessness and recklessness on the side of the parent, child, or caregiver. Below are the common injuries you should look out for in playgrounds.


This is probably one of the worst injuries a child can sustain in a playground. This mostly occurs when the gaps between a moving equipment catch a body part of a child. The most vulnerable body parts include the fingers and toes, and at worst, the arms and legs.

Broken bones

Children don’t have fully developed bones yet, so they may be vulnerable to fractures, especially because of heavy impact, like when they fall from a high spot in the playground, or collide with playground equipment or other children.


If a child hits his head on a hard surface, he may experience a mild traumatic brain injury or a concussion. Signs of concussion include confusion, disorientation, and dizziness.


Children may suffer cuts on the playground, particularly because of their speed and how it can affect the swiftness of a surface scratching to their skin. For minor cuts, it is best to clean the area with water first and put a band-aid on it. For worse scenarios like deep abrasions and large wounds, you may need to call professional help for stitching and treatment.


Sprains happen when the ligaments that connect the bones experience some kind of damage. They mostly happen because of direct impacts and falls. The most common body parts that suffer from sprains include the ankles, knees, and wrists.

The best way to avoid injuries in playgrounds is to make sure that the child is only using the equipment appropriate for his or her age and give your full attention to help him or her stay away from dangerous conditions and scenarios.